Tour South Spain And Have An Exotic Holiday Trip!

Andalusia is a region situated between Europe and Africa, and suffused by the waters of two seas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. With strong Islamic line, Andalusia is perchance the least European part of Western Europe. But the region has heritage with Spanish as well as Moorish. The Islamic palaces, quaint little villages, raggedy mountains and endless coastline make it an exotic and attractive location.

Vakantie zuid Spanje is a Fantastic idea for Vacation!

Fly Drive zuid-Spanje offers an opportunity to explore the rich nature of Andalusia. The land offers the travelers fascinating contrasts of snowcapped mountains and superb beaches. The gorgeous mountains and lush green plains, modern cities and enchanting towns make it a perfect Vakantie zuid-Spanje. Its little villages are engulfed in a historical and cultural ambience where visitors will bump into the true spirit of the region. The best period to travel is from March till the middle of June and from the middle of September to November.

There are very good places to go when you travel southern Spain like Malaga, Ronda, Mijas, Cordoba etc. They offer excellent shopping as well as awe inspiring places to see. Malaga is the birth place of Pablo Picasso the great artist. There are many museums, monuments etc in Malaga away from the regular beaches. Rondreis zuid-Spanje expecting both beautiful beaches and many excellent monuments. They represent the bygone era of the Arabs and the beautiful architectures and the blend of many civilizations.