The Use of Video for Internal Communication Purpose in Organization

So far, we know the use of video is just for capturing the happy moment in certain occasion, so the moment can be re-watch sometimes in the future. In short words, video is mostly used for private use only. Day by day, people now more creative when they use video for being mass communication tool to convey the message in their business to target consumer, but do you know that video can be the great tool of mass communication for your staff or human resources in the office?

 Since the technology become so amazing these times, many business owner start creating something new but familiar to boost the performance of their staff, and that’s including the video as the internal communication tool for the staff. Some environments still consider the use of video in organization as the extraordinary, and it is used just for high level managerial such as CEO or Marketing director only. Well, actually many reasons that can be mentioned why internal video can be so effective and efficient to hold the employers, but we’ll just show three of them.

 First reason is employer loves to process message in the video than just in a memo. The happy feeling that you give to them can bring the positive energy to the workplace, in which can boost their performance of work. Second thing is, video can make the message can penetrate deeper and better. The combination between audio and visual makes the brain can process what’s conveyed better than just reading an email in the hectic time. Last, it is affordable especially if you use Video Production Auckland

Maybe you will think that using video as internal communication for your staff can kill the budget, well you have to think about it. Usually video communication is made in short version, not more 3 minutes, so the cost will not be so huge. Besides, think about the income that you will get from the video if you use it for another purpose, for instance external communication. If you upload it on video sharing network, and it can gain many viewers who see your employer’s expertise on that video, it will be the new way of marketing. Now, you don’t need to consult to recruitment Agencies about how to communicate to your employers because through video, your message can be listened well and the gap between high, medium and low level of management can be shorten.