The Ultimate Lifestyle : Surfing And Living In Bali Villas

It is no secret that between the late spring and early autumn, Bali is a surfer’s paradise. With a wealth of great beaches, aficionados from around the world flock to the minute Indonesian island to enjoy the clear, blue waters and the brilliant sunshine. To top it all off, the strong bohemian vibe that the island radiates makes it an irresistible proposal for those who love riding waves.

In surf culture, Bali is the jewel in the shining crown that is Indonesia. Regularly seen on the pages of surfing magazines, and featured in the classic 1970s film ‘The Morning of the Earth’, the island has possessed a strong reputation for decades now. There are often large surfing competitions on the island: for example, in July 2013 the Asian Surfing Championships sponsored by Billabong will take place at Balagan Beach, famous for its long breaking left handed waves.

As a result of this, surfing has become a real industry for the Balinese, and it creates a significant number of jobs. Whether you are a novice, an intermediate or an advanced surfer, you will find a friendly, qualified instructor capable of helping you to develop your skills on the water. And if you are a beginner, don’t worry about falling off your board and getting cold – the water is between 25-29C for the whole year!

After a hard day’s practice on the beach, there is no better way to reward yourself than by having an ice cold Bingang (the local beer of choice), or any other drink for that matter, whilst watching the waves lap against the shore. As the sun sets, areas such as Kuta on Bali come alive, with an array of bars and nightclubs enticing customers inside. The friendly Balinese faces only serve to make the evenings more entertaining.

And what better way to cap off a surf trip than by staying in a villa on Bali. Divino Villas rents a range villas in Bali on the Indonesian island. They are all furnished to a very high standard, with some even possessing private swimming pools. There are villas of all shapes and sizes that can cater for your group no matter how many of you there are. Those who stay in Bali villas never regret their decision as it gives them the time and space to do what they’d like to!